Real Estate

The Zitelman Group works with many different types of companies and individuals to provide financing. Our professionals consult both buyers and sellers for the purpose of acquisition or sale.

Real Estate

For more than 25 years, we have invested in the following types of real estate:

  1. Residential - Multi-family
  2. Commercial Office
  3. Retail
  4. Warehouse
  5. Hotels
  6. Assisted Living
  7. Self-storage
  8. Flex Office
  9. Land

Our philosophy is to invest for the long term, but look for short-term opportunities to maximize value. Some properties have been owned for more than 20 years with an intention to hold. Others have been purchased/developed and sold within a few years.

We like to invest in real estate opportunities that have a "story" or "wart" so that there are opportunities to create value.

We do not invest in mature properties to "clip coupons".


Retail Location Operator/Partner Size
Sargent Center Hyattsville, Maryland DC Smith Company 55,000 sq.ft.
17-31 Hampton Park Boulevard Capitol Heights, Maryland DC Smith Company 13,700 sq.ft.
1111 Maryland Avenue Hagerstown, Maryland BTR Capital Group 150,000 sq.ft.
4700 King Street Alexandria, Virginia MGP Capital Corp. 37,700 sq.ft.

Residential Location Operator/Partner Size
Heritage Park Apartments Adelphi, Maryland Dreyfuss Management 299 units
Suburban Towers Silver Spring, Maryland Dreyfuss Management 214 units
Wingate Towers and Gardens Washington, DC CIH Properties 714 units

Self Storage Location Operator/Partner Size
Budget Self Storage Sterling, Virginia Bristol Capital Corp. 42,600 sq.ft.
Budget Self Storage Marlow Heights, Maryland Bristol Capital Corp. 63,500 sq.ft.
Budget Self Storage Springfield, VA Bristol Capital Corp. 32,200 sq.ft.

Assisted Living Location Operator/Partner Size
Orchard Place East Spartanburg, South Carolina Bristol Capital Corp. 98 units

Hotel Location Operator/Partner Size
Hampton Inn - BWI Baltimore, Maryland USA Investors 182 rooms

Flex/Office Location Operator/Partner Size
Highland Business Park Springfield, Virginia Bristol Capital Corp. 21,000 sq.ft.

Warehouse/Office Location Operator/Partner Size
Hampstead Industrial Park Hampstead, Maryland BTR Capital Group 848,355 sq.ft.
London Fog Property Eldersburg, Maryland BTR Capital Group 388,000 sq.ft.

Warehouse Location Operator/Partner Size
Springfield/Newington Industrial Center Newington, Virginia Bristol Capital Corp. 107,200 sq.ft.
31 & 35 Sheridan Street Washington, DC Bristol Capital Corp. 14,400 sq.ft.
3148-3170 Bladensburg Rd. Washington, DC Bristol Capital Corp. 59,200 sq.ft.
8200 Fischer Road Baltimore, Maryland BTR Capital Group 130,000 sq.ft.
6301 Eastern Avenue Baltimore, Maryland BTR Capital Group 57,000 sq.ft.
8203 Fischer Road Baltimore, Maryland BTR Capital Group 320,000 sq.ft.

Land Location Operator/Partner Size
925 Todds Lane Baltimore, Maryland BTR Capital Group 25 acres